Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Make an origami spoon

The finished product
Ok, so when you think origami models, kitchen utensils may not be the first thing to come to mind.  But for reasons of my own I was after an origami spoon.  Since I couldn't find one, I mucked around a bit until I came up with something that worked.

Start with a piece of paper.  I used square when making this tutorial, but you can use a rectangle if you like.  If you use a rectangular piece, start with the paper as landscape (ie, make the first fold along the longest length).
Fold the paper in half and open again.
Fold the two top and bottom edges into the middle.
Fold the top and bottom edges into the middle again.
Open up the folds from the last step.
Take the bottom corner and fold up to the top and then unfold.
Take the top corner and fold down to the edge and then unfold.
Valley fold the paper at the point where the two preceding folds meet the edge (if you started with a square piece of paper, this will be the middle, if you started with a rectangular piece of paper use the fold lines to guide you).
OK, describing this is a little tricky.  Using the diagonal folds to guide you, form a triangle shape (for those familiar with origami, it is a balloon base top).
Turn over.
Fold in the top and bottom edges into the middle (along previous folds)
Fold the top and bottom edges into the middle again (to form the spoon handle).

Turn over and use a finger to open up the triangle section to form the spoon.
Fold the two corners into the spoon.

Tada! You are done.

 And why?  Because I wanted to do something with an Anoia discworld stamp.  And as everyone knows, Anoia is the Goddess of things that get stuck in kitchen drawers.
Besides, it's easier than trying to come up with a origami egg whisk :P

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