Sunday, 13 August 2017

Card making again

I've had a pile of new craft goodies for cardmaking but no time to enjoy them.  I decided to do something about that today and had a bit of a cardmaking binge.  Mind you, for me a binge is only four cards but that's a lot in one sitting for me since I always make it up as I go along.

So here is are the finished cards.
Memory box tree die with glitterflakes as the background

This is where I played with brushos for the background after embossing with white embossing powder.  The peacock was stamped with a Kalidescope ink pad and a bit of glimmer added to the tail with a wink of stella pen

I love Lawn Fawn stamps- I played with the 'Sending Hedgehugs' stamp set and tried my hand at masking to get him standing on the stump.  The leaves were made with glimmer flakes on sticky tape then die cut out
This is another Lawn Fawn stamp set with the background embosed from a folder I got in a magazine
I'm not a big card maker but it will hopefully work for a few upcoming birthdays!

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The little travel scarf that wasn't

A few weeks ago I was set to go to the USA for the first time!  I had everything packed but for one thing- something to take in case I felt the urge to craft.  Particularly because it had to fly, it had to be small and lightweight so anything with lots of tools was right out.

I ended up deciding to find a knitting project and I went to the Bendigo Craft Alive with that in mind.  I bought several balls of lovely wool (Erm, I think several equals 6-7... oops) and thought that a nice lacy scarf of a lovely fluffy wool could be good.  I grabbed a nice rainbow yarn 'Damasco' by Bella Storia and cast on a few days before I was due to go to get it going. It was very simple- K1, yo, K2 tog.  Start with an odd number of stitches and you can make it as wide or as long as you like.  Perfect for fluffy yarns as the fluff fills in the holes a bit and it feels squooshy once made up.

Erm, well I finished it before I was due to fly out.  Ooops.  I only just got the fringe on though so here is my little travel scarf that didn't.
The irony is that I didn't need the replacement project either- I didn't end up touching it the entire trip!  Still, if I didn't have it then I would've really wanted to do something but not be able to!

Saturday, 24 June 2017


What is degardening?  It's what you do when you remove sad features from past gardeners that are making the whole thing worse.  Here's my before for my back garden fence.

Pretty, isn't it?  Oh wait, no it isn't.  The good news is that fixing this was a simple job for the electric screwdriver (cos I'm lazy).

Oh and trying not to step on/ cut when cutting up the branches for the bin/ squash with the fence a certain ginger cat...

But here's the job un-done!

The dead leaves that were caught in it have marked the fence a bit but that should was off with a bit of rain.

So not a big project but perhaps inspiration for you to get a little but annoying thing out of your life!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Lazy sewing mounting

If you do a lot of crafts, you often have little projects that you did fairly quickly.  Whether it is cross stitch or embroidery or some sort of cool hybrid project, the work is finished but what to do with it?

Now the 'proper' way is to sew it to some sort of base or mount.  This often requires first hemming the edge to ensure it doesn't fray under tension.  Or if it is little enough to be a bookmark you could use hemming table to stick it to a base bit of felt.

But what if it isn't bookmark material or you want to put it up on a wall or in a frame?  Or you are like me and are too lazy to do the 'proper' way for something that is little? (I'm better on big stuff that takes years!).

So I have this little embroidery that needs to be mounted lest the fabric be wrinkly.

The first step is to sort the edges of the fabric out so they don't move or fray- particularly since this is two pieces of fabric with wadding in the middle.  So I got my sewing machine out and- just kidding.  This is a lazy job. Masking tape to the rescue!

Now for the board to mount the fabric on. Lots of two dollar/cheap shops now sell craft supplies and painting supplies and they carry canvas boards in a wide range of sizes from the very small (what I need) to very large (useful source if you want thick, non-bendy card for a project).  Even better, the shop near me had 50% off.  Score!

Your board should be at least 2cm smaller around for each edge to be able to fold the material over easily for taping.

Fold and tape over top and bottom.
Then the two sides.

If you are happy with things at this point, leave it be.  I found the edges were showing so I very carefully cut off the excess using scissors.  Don't cut too close to the front of the piece or the fabric will possibly fray on the front.
Then apply tape to protect the fabric and to stop anything pulling away.

And here's my finished piece.  It looks so much better than it did at the start!

Now I will say that this is strictly for small, minor projects.  I don't know how well it will hold up over years, nor do I know that the tape will or won't do anything to the material for a while.  A little project like this that only took a day or so (well I did it over a few weeks but that's because I don't get to craft as much as I'd like) is possibly going to end up as part of a card or just stuck in a corner, it's not exactly heirloom work!  If you have spent months or years on a project, it's worth spending the time and/or money to do or to get someone to do things right.

Hope this helps you do something with the pile of finished work- enjoy!

Saturday, 27 May 2017


These cards were all made back in April but since the people they are for may see them on this blog (well Mum will, anyway), I've deferred posting them until now.

First up, a birthday card for my Dad.  No plan on this one other than wanting to play with some bright colours and to try using some hexagon dies (sizzix) because I'd not used them before.

Next up are my two attempts at waterfall cards.  I've never played with moving cards before but flipping through a magazine it looked cool so I gave it a whirl.

First up has a nature feel. The idea is that you are looking further down as you pull the tab.

The other one was to use some new stamps I got- one set was dragons and the other was a cute little unicorn (but I totally was reasonable as I only bought those and not the other set that contained four other unicorns- see?)
Ahem.  Anyway, so while I am not totally happy with the end results (my clouds and were hand cut and look a little dodgy) it's a cute idea.

Inside is a stamped message that says 'you're more awesome than unicorns and rainbows'.  This one may end up being a birthday card for my niece.  We'll see.

Thanks for reading!